Shine Gloss Hair Treatments by L’Oreal

Powerdose Deep Conditioning and Shine Treatments.


L'Oreal hair products Denver           Powerdose conditioning treatment is the most intense hair repair treatment available to salons.  This advanced technology helps the treatment reach 3 stages of your hair.  It conditions, beginning with the cortex, where the treatment is designed to penetrate the core of your hair to reinforce and optimize your hair from the inside out.  It then targets the cuticle to replenish lost ceramide, instantly strengthening and conditioning the cuticle layer.

Finally, the treatment reinforces the surface of the hair by neutralizing negatively charged surface cells to provide uniform, supple and shiny hair.  A powerdose is designed to instantly restore the beauty of your hair.

There are many different formulas designed for each individuals hair needs.  With many options to maintain the health of your hair, a powerdose can help smooth rebellious hair, preserve color, or strengthen fragile hair.

Power Repair – repair and nourish very dry, damaged hair

Powerdose Color – preserve your color and shine

Powerdose Contrast – brighten, repair & enhance your highlights

Power Define – fiber-smoothing treatment for unmanageable, fizzy hair

Force Refill – targeted reinforcement to strengthen fragile, weak hair

Power Density – volumizing and conditioning treatment for fine, limp hair, redensifies, strengthens, and protects


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