Ombre Hair Color in Denver.

Ombre Highlights

Balayage Ombre hair ColorOmbre hair color is a trend rapidly gaining in popularity — and why not?!  Fresh and casual, ombre hair color is a flattering and relatively low-maintenance technique.

Here are four reasons you should try it.

1. Low-maintenance.

For the least maintenance, go as close to your natural hair color as possible near your roots, then gradually go lighter down the hair shaft.

2. Ombre is an anti-aging hair color trick.

Ombre hair coloring actually mimics the hair color of our childhoods. Remember when you’d get so much sun in the summer that your hair would lighten dramatically? Then, by mid-winter, you’d have that ombre look… naturally. Presuming your natural hair color isn’t gray, ombre hair color looks very youthful.

3.  Ombre is an easy way to grow out your roots.

This isn’t surprising given that the whole point of the effect is to make it look … on purpose … like you’re growing out your roots.  Ombre actually dials down your hair-coloring budget while retaining some of that expensive lighter color style.

4. Ombre is fun and on trend.

I love this look!  It’s fresh and unique – a little beachy & casual.  I probably wouldn’t try it at home, but done right, it’s an extremely flattering way to go lighter (or darker).  Ombre hair color is a nice compromise.

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