Balayage vs Foils

Although Balayage has existed for the past 30 years, it has only become very popular during the last few.  The hair industry finally discovered Balayage’s advantages for beautiful hair. It’s been “modernized” and now “in style.”  About time!

Hollywood has discovered the secret to Balayage

If you saw the 2014 Golden Globes, you would have noticed several stars who use Balayage: Olivia Wilde and Camila Alves to name a few.

Foils is of the past, and will be superseded by Balayage.  Instead, we will use swift meche or something a little more enduring.  Stylists will get used to Balayage technique as a new way to color client hair.

The popularity of Balayage will make foils a thing of the past and Balayage the present and future

The reason is that we are moving forward to more natural looking hair and not so much the look of the “Californian Blond” (meaning a lot of blond hair).  Balayage delivers an end result that looks truly natural, a result that is difficult to create with other hair techniques. The subtle effects that a stylist can achieve with Balayage will never be achieve on foils.  This is why Balayage is successful today, and will be even more so tomorrow.

The foils technique is very consistent on the color, but it does not create a natural look.  Stylists will lose interest with foils because they — and their clients — will want to achieve more natural looking hair.

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