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Hairstyles That Hide Frizz

27 Jul 2014, by natalia in News!

Summer may bring us casual makeup-free days, but it doesn’t give our hair any slack.  In fact, we’d welcome winter static over summer frizz any day.  Just a touch of humidity turns our hours of heat styling into a ball of frizz.  Yet, with the right pre-styling products, the hair fuzzies can be prevented.  And on the worst of days, camouflaging hairstyles are simple and chic. Follow our easy guide below for gorgeous summer hair even Gisele would approve.


Go Sleek


When frizz hits during the day, tame the effects with a sleek style. “Try braiding your hairline and slicking your hair back into a chic ponytail, or try a top knot,” says Cristina. The tighter the style, the harder it is for humidity to grab onto holes in the hair follicle. And the cleaner the hair, the less likely the hair will remain sleek—wash every two days at the max.


Make Texture Intentional


If hiding frizz isn’t possible, embrace it by playing up messy texture—after all, beach waves are in season. Structure messiness slightly with texturing spray.




Plait It




Braid into a textured French braid or loose fishtail. Any new flyways throughout the day will appear intentional.






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