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Denver Hair Color Specialist

Hair color specialist in Denver

Balayage and Blonde Specialist

Finding a great hair color specialist is essential for those who are looking to ensure the best results. My name is Natalia and I am a Certified Balayage artist. I graduated from the L’Oréal Professional SoHo Academy in New York City. 

World-famous celebrity hair colorist Nancy Braun happened to be my mentor. She has made a name for herself thanks to her ability to create amazing highlights. 

Nancy has worked on TV and film projects that you are very likely to have seen at some point. She is an elite-level hair colorist and I feel privileged that I managed to learn so much from her and her experience.

I have also trained at some of the most advanced European and American hair color academies including a hair cutting training at Pivot Point Academy in Paris and advanced hair cutting course at Vidal Sassoon in London. This has made it easier for me to learn how create the right kind of style for a person. This is based on what they like to wear, their professions, personal taste in hairstyles, etc.

Communication goes a long way

Sometimes the biggest problem with the communication between a stylist and a client is the lack of feedback on the client’s opinion and ideas. Many clients like to leave it all at the hands of the stylist and this is perfectly fine, but I always enjoy the process of learning more about my clients to create a style that is going to be perfect for their needs.

I am located in Denver CO and I have been working with local clients for a long time. The reason why they come to me when they need any service done is due to my professionalism. I am a friendly and inviting individual, but my clients always come back because I make sure that they get the service they want and need.

I currently work at the Cherry Creek Hair Salon and my experience with this team has been extremely gratifying. Working with people has always been something that makes me happy. I love having conversations with my clients, but I also respect their privacy if they are looking for a quiet and peaceful hair coloring session.


An informed client is a happy client

As a hair color specialist, I understand the importance of showing my clients the differences and the advantages or disadvantages of different coloring techniques.  For a example, balayage versus the highlights. Being able to help my clients make informed decisions is a huge factor in my service.

I have decided to focus on Balayage because it is a more natural approach to the process of achieving the results that come from the technique of using traditional Highlights. This technique has grown so popular that even celebrities are choosing it over the highlights. 

However, It’s important to note that the results you get from this coloring depend on the talent of your stylist. As we know the natural hair color of each person is also going to be an important factor, but this is not an issue that gets in the way of a professional stylist.

Quality and dedication are my priority

Those who want a hair color specialist that can get the job done are going to find that my services are exactly what they are looking for. I don’t cut corners when it comes to the satisfaction of my clients. There is a constant search for ways to upgrade and enhance my professional knowledge. I find this essential in order to ensure everyone leaves with a smile on their face. Making sure you feel like a new person when I work on your hair is my top priority.

Be sure to contact me anytime if you have specific doubts or concerns about the services I provide. I love the customer care aspect of my career and I will be more than happy to assist you and answer your questions.


Many years of experience have allowed me to master the use of several key products to provide an ideal service. The products I constantly use with my clients include:

L’Oréal Professionnel

L’Oréal hair color salon Denver


They have an outstanding line of hair care and coloring products. I have always felt that their quality allows me to enhance the results that I provide to my clients. My training with their professional stylists has also been crucial to my skills. And this is the reason why my clients feel that my services are ideal for their needs.

The Olaplex System

Olaplex hair salon Denver


Olaplex is a hair bond protector and reconstructor that prevents hair from damage and restores compromised strands. This is another amazing line of hair care products that I find to be important for my services especially Blonding. Keeping your hair not just beautiful but healthy as well is my goal. To sum up I like to be prepared for any specific situation that requires a very specific product.

Morrocan Oil

Moroccanoil products. Best products for dry climate


This outstanding product comes from the argan tree fruit and the many fatty acids that it contains make it extremely effective. And that’s why this is one of the main reasons why I always use it as part of my service when needed. I also recommend it for at home maintenance as it makes hair smooth, hydrated and very manageable.

In conclusion

Being a hair color specialist is not a job for me because I truly enjoy it. This has been a determining factor in my success.


  • 2021 – Brunette Foilayge, Denver CO
  • 2019 – American Balayage, Denver CO
  • 2019 – Lived-in Color World Tour, Denver CO
  • 2014 – Revolution Haircolor by L’Oreal Professionnel, Denver CO
  • 2011 – Balayage Certification L’Oreal Professionnel SOHO Academy, NYC
  • 2011 – Balayage Advanced at L’Oreal SOHO Academy, NYC
  • 2011 – Balayage Basics at L’Oreal SOHO Academy, NYC
  • 2010 – ABC Cutting Hair the Sassoon Way, Denver CO
  • 2007 – TONI&GUY Hair Cut Collection, Denver CO
  • 2006 – TONI&GUY Hair Cut Collection, Denver CO
  • 2005 – TONI&GUY New Classic Color and Cut, Los Vegas NV
  • 2004 – AVEDA Advanced Hair Color, Denver CO
  • 2002 – Sebastian Professional Hair Color and Cut
  • 2001 – L’Oreal Professionnel Hair Color
  • 1999 – Schwarzkopf Professional Hair Color
  • 1998 – Wella Professional Hair Color
  • 1997 – Vidal Sassoon Hair Cut, London England
  • 1995 – Pivot Point Hair Cut Consept, Paris France

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