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Olaplex in Denver!

Olaplex Treatment in Denver


Olaplex Hair Treatment


Olaplex is a Hair Treatment used as an additive to color and lightener.  It builds bonds and as a result creates stronger hair.  From Base Color or Highlights, Platinum Blonds or Balayage, Olaplex multiplies bonds and as a result makes hair stronger, healthier, while color lasts longer with more vibrancy.

Olaplex system in Denver

Have you ever wanted to go blonde (or blonder), and been told it would be too harsh on your hair?

Have you ever had a conditioning treatment that felt good when you left the salon, but was back to normal in a few days?

Has your hair been damaged by color, bleach, perms, straighteners, blow-drying, or heat-styling? (Or all of the above??)

Does your hair show signs of aging, such as being coarse, brittle and difficult to manage?

Olaplex system in Denver

Olaplex could change your life. OK…well, it can definitely change your hair! Try it today!

So, what is Olaplex

Olaplex is a Bond Multiplier that dramatically reduces breakage from chemical services on all hair types.  It’s a revolutionary new product that top hair stylists and colorists are going nuts for. From the Olaplex website:

“We started by finding two of the world’s leading PHD’s in Materials and Chemistry that had never worked on hair products before, Dr. Eric Pressly and Dr. Craig Hawker. With this fresh outlook, this dream team invented a single ingredient chemistry, that is free of silicone or oils, that links broken bonds in the hair during and after chemical services making them stronger than they were before.”

Olaplex Hair treatment. Denver hair salon

The system has multiple steps and the first three components are Bond Multiplier (the pure Olaplex ingredient), Bond Perfector, and Hair Perfector.  Ask us about the service!


What does that mean for me and my stressed strands?

Color, bleach, perms, straighteners, heat styling, and even putting tension on wet hair (combing, brushing to detangle) causes damage inside your hair. You don’t see it when it happens, but you can feel it, and you definitely see it over time. The tiny bonds that make up your precious hair are being eaten alive!

Olaplex for damaged hair

Olaplex seeks out this hidden damage, and reinforces those bonds, making them stronger, more flexible, and more resistant to breakage and as a result your hair looks healthy and shiny.  In addition to healthy hair it also makes your color last longer.


Olaplex Hair Salon in Denver.

Meet Natalia – our leading Hair Color Specialist, now offering Olaplex services.  Natalia is an Internationally Trained Hair Colorist and Hairstylist, First Certified Balayage Artist in Denver.  Call 720-917-5165 or email to schedule your appointment.  Try Olaplex today!  Make your hair strong and healthy!

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