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Balayage Highlights In Denver

Balayage specialist in Denver

What Is Balayage?

Balayage is the French term meaning to sweep or to paint. This hair technique obtained its name from the process of sweeping color through the hair using a brush and a backing board. And now we offer Balayage Highlights in Denver.

It is the famous hair coloring technique that creates an impressive natural-looking highlights.  Balayage Highlights will give a reasonable depth and dimension on modern chic hair and also enrich your look with a sun-kissed finish.  

Balayage was developed in the 1970s; therefore, it has been around for quite some time, sneaking recently into the modern hair salons. Every person is a candidate for this coloring technique. If you want a natural look wrapped with a sun-kissed highlights, make an appointment with a Certified Balayage Specialist in Denver.


How Is It Done 

What is the process of Balayage? Unlike the traditional highlights, balayage doesn’t involve foils. It is a freehand painting of the hair.

Balayage means sweeping; therefore, the color is applied by the hand motion, and it’s swept through the hair using a brush and the back board. The sweeping motion creates a multidimensional, soft, and natural-looking highlights.

Typically cotton strips or saran wrap are placed between each section to protect color from bleeding and drying out. Usually the lighter pieces are painted around your face on your hairline to create a more natural look. Remember, we are trying to mimic nature.


Balayage in Denver

Balayage is best when done by professionals as it involves special training. Schedule a consultation before having your hair colored. Bring your hair goal pictures with you to help your colorist to understand your taste and desires so they can use their expertise and artistry to create a custom look that flatters you. As a matter of fact we specialize in balayage highlights in Denver.

To find the best colorist choose a certified balayage specialist. It is important to discuss everything before you schedule your appointment as sometimes it takes more than one appointment to get the color of your dreams.

The length and price of your appointment depends on the number of highlights you’re opting for and the length/density of your hair. Simple highlights can take only 45 minutes, whereas the balayage can take up to 4-5 hours. However, book a consultation with your hair colorist to discuss your best option.


Why Is It So Popular?

Balayage highlights have been one of the most coveted requests in the hair salons worldwide. Why is this so? The most appealing thing about Balayage is that the color can be customized completely to suit your hair color and your hair type creating very natural, soft blonde look.


Rooty blonde, root melt, root shadow, root smudge
Additionally, balayage is low on maintenance. People want to appear fashionable each time without spending several hours in the salon. 

Balayage technique is the most economical way to color any hair. The regrowth line or the solid boundary of your hair is cut short.

Balayage mimics nature with carefree maintenance; therefore, there are no foils and rigid lines; the damage is low with less maintenance required to provide a unique pattern of beautiful highlights.

Many people love balayage also because it’s timeless. The technique involves lightening some sections of the hair, and its effect is permanent, though the color might change slightly if maintenance strategies are not looked into properly. 


How Often It Should Be Done 

Generally, balayage intends to make you look quite natural. For this reason, you will need minimum maintenance and the reduced frequencies of salon visits.

Depending on the intensity of the balayage look, 4 to 6 months salon visit interval is sufficient. Toner is required between dates to maintain the color of the hair and keep it away from the unwanted tones like brassiness and yellowing of blondes.

Balayage hair typically requires minimal maintenance than the traditional color because it grows beautifully without sharp regrowth lines. This also means that you will wait for long between appointments—it is a perfect technique for the busy modern woman.


Who Is The Right Candidate For Balayage?

Balagaye impressive look is reminiscent of the youthful hair after the summer beach: natural and golden. 

Balayage services are yours if:

  • You want to accentuate your natural color.
  • You are new to hair coloring techniques, and you don’t want an extreme change in appearance.
  • You like coloring your hair a few times a year.
  • You enjoy natural, rooty, and depth look.
  • You are attracted to golden and warm tones in your hair.
  • You want to make your already lightened hair look natural.


How To Maintain Balayage Highlights At Home in Denver 

How do you maintain your balayage when far from the salon or even when your colorist is unavailable? Whether you’ve got the very long hair, short cut, or somewhere in the middle, you will maintain your beautiful highlights by following some simple measures that will pay you off.



1. Use Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner

Although balayage is a very gentle highlighting technique your hair will appreciate extra moisture. A good quality moisturizing shampoo and conditioner like Moroccanoil  Shampoo and Conditioner will add shine, vibrancy, volume and sheen while also giving your hair a healthy look and feel.

Moroccanoil shampoo and conditioner. Denver hair color salon

2. Do Weekly Treatments

We don’t mean that you visit the salon regularly to receive balayage treatment. Do personalized deep moisturizing or reconstructive treatment like Olaplex Bond Repair Treatment weekly yourself, to always ensure that your hair is vibrant and glistening. I also recommend to add hair oil to your routine for great results.

Olaplex Treatment. Olaplex Hair salon Denver

3. Feed Your Color

From above, one of the reasons why balayage is people’s favorite is because it grows out naturally and does not leave a long root line. However, maintain your color by giving your balayage style a little love using some great hair products.

Use purple shampoo for blonde side balayage highlights to neutralize unwanted yellow tones and blue shampoo for brunette side or the caramel color. However, I recommend to use them only once a week as they can make feel your highlights dry.

New Olaplex purple shampoo. Denver hair color salon

4. Avoid Washing Your Hair Every Day

This strategy depends on the type of your hair and scalp. If you get oily quickly, wash every day. However, if you can get away from it, a couple of times a week is sufficient to prevent hair dryness. Washing 2 to 3 times a week extends the life of your color. Try using dry shampoos to avoid washing your hair too much.


5 Benefits of Balayage Highlights:

  1. No foils
  2. No rigid lines
  3. Less damage
  4. Less maintenance
  5. An absolutely unique pattern of highlights!

When balayage was first heard, it was a hair game changer. It’s a quite specific coloring technique that has been recognized in the entire planet. The trend is very popular with celebrities because of the classic look it offers.

There has been a surge in interest for the this technique; people are requesting an impressive look. And it’s no surprise it is still one of the hottest looks this year. And as I mentioned before we specialize in balayage highlights in Denver. 

Most everyone is a good candidate for this treatment.  If you want a natural look or sun-kissed highlights, make an appointment with Natalia – a Certified Balayage Specialist in Denver.  Call (720) 917 5165

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